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16May 18
The Fun Of Instagram

The fun of Instagram

Shanti Ashtangis challenge Yes, we spend too much time on social media, but it can be so much fun! For the #shantiashtangis yoga challenge on Instagram (May 2018), DAS art posted…

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07May 18
Group Exhibition Megen 25th-27th Of May

Group exhibition Megen 25th-27th of May

Exhibition Kunstvoer in Megen (NL) May 25th-27th, 2018 Very excited to participate in an upcoming group exhibition organised by Kunstvoer. For this exhibition we created a special piece: the Church of Megen.  This…

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16Apr 18
A Matter Of Serendipity And Balance

A matter of serendipity and balance

Balance Bharadvajrasana and Ardha Baddha Padma Pasimattānāsana, two poses from the Ashtanga yogaseries combined to one image. We each drew two poses, not knowing from each other which one. Once…

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