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Webshop ‘DAS art store’ on Etsy

Yeah… our webshop on Etsy is now officially open! Our first project available for sale is a limited edition of colorful classic design chairs printed by hand. The drypoint technique gives the chairs these wonderful black whimsical lines. We added a 70s vibe through the typical patterns and bright dashes of color. 


We created this series of 10 chairs in two different sizes (postcard size A6 10x15cm and A5 15x20cm) so you can decorate small empty spaces as well as combine the prints to cover larger pieces of wall. There are only 6 to 12 prints per chair so you truly have a unique piece of handmade artwork.  If you would love to be one of the first buyers, please check out our webshop before they are sold out ;-).

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