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A matter of serendipity and balance

Bharadvajrasana and Ardha Baddha Padma Pasimattānāsana, two poses from the Ashtanga yogaseries combined to one image. We each drew two poses, not knowing from each other which one. Once at Grafisch Atelier Alkmaar we accidentally printed two on top of each other. And for some reason they seemed a perfect fit. Balancing out each other in many ways: male and female, closed and open, first and second series, both grounded, strong, relaxed and present.


The lines create some chaos but the overal feeling is tranquil. We wanted to catch that feeling you get when practicing Mysore style. Every person practicing at his own pace, performing the asana he or she has to do at that moment. The inner turbulence, but surrounded by the stillness of the shala. Nothing more, nothing less. And of course two sisters balancing out each other in a true co-creation.

  • Only 5 prints available (1 printed in black and 4 printed in a beautiful dark black/blue)
  • Size: 50cm x 65 cm or 19,68 inch x 25,59 inch
  • Original and handmade artwork
  • Numbered and signed
  • Available at our webshop

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