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Inspired by Molly Yoga Bunny
Inspired by Molly Yoga Bunny
inspired by your post king louie fashion
#51 Atelier Grandi
inspired by your post gerold brenner
Inspired Traynor
Ine Yogini
#022 Veld en Vaas
Inspired by Kranenburgh
Inspired by Molly Yoga Bunnyinspired by your post king louie fashion#51 Atelier Grandiinspired by your post gerold brennerInspired TraynorIne Yogini#022 Veld en VaasInspired by Kranenburgh

#inspiredbyourpost: The Fun of Drawing 100 IG Posts

In 2018 we experienced the fun of drawing yogis who posted their pictures on Instagram. We picked a post, drew it and posted the drawing. We enjoyed drawing the yogis and they were pleasantly surprised by this little gesture. It inspired us to draw all kinds of Instagram posts. What started off as a fun idea grew into a rather large project. Over the last 3 years we created a collection of 100 small drawings forming 1 large piece of art.


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