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Het Laatste Oordeel
Het Laatste Oordeel
Het Laatste Oordeel
Het Laatste OordeelHet Laatste Oordeel


The ‘Grote Sint Laurens Kerk’  in Alkmaar (NL) exists 500 years. To celebrate this event you can climb up the church and have a close look at the vaulted ceiling where you will find a painting of The Last Judgement by Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen.

It is this painted ceiling that inspired us to create our latest handprinted work: a modern version of The Last Judgement. We made this piece of work for the exhibition: GAA Drukt Door 2018 that will also be held in the Grote Sint Laurens Kerk  from June 22nd – July 22nd 2018.

For this artwork one of us drew the angel and the other the demon holding the human to be judged. In the studio we combined our separate works into one piece. Angel and demon perfectly balanced with the poor soul caught in the middle ;-).

  • Limited edition: 3 in blue and 1 in red
  • Technique: drypoint
  • Size 50x65cm (19,7 x 25,6 inch)
  • Printed on Hahnemühle 300gr smooth paper
  • Prize 325 euro
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