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About DAS art

DAS art is an initiative by Daan and Astrid. Two Dutch sisters who practice art. We create a wide variety of artwork. From small drypoint etchings to large drawings and everything in between. Our base is the art of drawing. From there we explore different techniques and materials.

about Daan


Most of Daan’s art practice is a search for her own voice by experimenting with different art techniques, materials and subjects. She enjoys exploring human faces through sketching, drawing and painting. Trying to master the right proportions of a face fluently and at the same time letting go of a realistic depiction. Rather, she focuses on a vibe she feels within the image. Her work can be characterized as expressive and colorful.
about Astrid


Versatility is the word that keeps popping up when you examine Astrid’s work. She works fast and impatiently and tries to stay away from drawing ‘pretty’ pictures. At this moment she follows ‘Project Atelier Drawing’ where she is challenged to explore the abstract and conceptual side of drawing. June 2016 Astrid graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Arendonk with the short animation ‘Moving into stillness’. June 2021 she completed printmaking at the same academy.

For a small selection of original art please visit our specialized Etsy shop. Interested in any of the other artworks displayed or commissioned work? Please contact us directly.

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